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Kamla Bhasin’s Slogans And Songs Of Gender Equality Will Continue To Inspire Activists

Kamla Bhasin’s Slogans And Songs Of Gender Equality Will Continue To Inspire Activists

11 October, 2021 Savita Singh

Kamla Bhasin was accepted as a woman with a special mission, by men and women together, not only in her country but across South Asia.

The Omvedt Code

The Omvedt Code

13 September, 2021 Cynthia Stephen

Gail Omvedt kept her allegiance with Dalits, Adivasis and the rural working classes till the end

Actor-e-Azam: Meghnad Desai’s Tribute To Dilip Kumar, The King Of Indian Cinema

Doing tragedy so immersively that he needed a shrink, learning the sitar from Ustad Vilayat Khan for six months just to shoot a song…there was method behind Dilip Kumar’s aura.

And They Loved Dearly

And They Loved Dearly

07 June, 2021 Shinie Antony

Rarely has a marriage been so tragically entwined with politics. Prison, calumny…they faced it all. But history was unkind. Gouri Amma, mostly in her own words, about her 'TV'.

The Techie Who Led Jats

Ajit Singh was a bit of an enigma—a computer engineer taking over the legacy of a revered farmer leader. He prospered, but the legacy withered…till a last flicker.

25 January, 2021

The All-Seeing Recorder

Suresh Menon

Ved plunged headlong into life, determined to experience all it had to offer

14 December, 2020

Hand Of God, Feet Of Clay

Dave Roberts

Maradona! An Englishman, still bitter over that blend of magic and sleight of hand at Azteca, offers a tribute to the flawed genius.

30 November, 2020

An Actor As A Trilogy

Samik Bandyopadhyay

Poet, artist, playwright, editor...there was a manyness to Soumitra as a creative mind. And a depth of feeling. Both flowed into his roles on screen.

12 October, 2020

Wrapt In Divine Velveteen

Subhasree Thanikachalam

A humble genius, SPB’s golden voice transcended languages and generations

12 October, 2020

Victorian Ace

Nikhil Naz

The batting master was a true-bred Australian who made grit his middle name

14 September, 2020

Colossus In Our Midst

K. Natwar Singh

Barring a few years, Pranabji strode the heights of polity with imperious authority for decades


14 September, 2020

Headman With Velvet Glove

Seshadri Chari

Shrewd, patient and astute, today’s leaders can draw many lessons from Pranabda’s life

31 August, 2020

Mewat In The Mirror

Sunil Menon

Jasraj was one of the early popularisers of Hindustani classical, his voice timbrally pleasing and rich, but ductile enough to be drawn into thin filigree

17 August, 2020

Dramatis Persona

Anuradha Kapur

22 June, 2020

Middling Perfection

Giridhar Jha

His self-deprecatory movies about middle-class society trod the fine line between popular and art house cinema

18 May, 2020

EXCLUSIVE | A Football Legend, A Cricketing Star. Yet Charismatic Chuni Goswami Was More Than The Sum

Subhash Bhowmick

Such was Chuni Goswami's athletic ability that Sir Garfield Sobers had mentioned his electrifying speed in his autobiography, remembers football star and coach Subhash Bhowmick

11 May, 2020

Saheb Supernova

Giridhar Jha


23 September, 2019

Culture In His Folds

Manjula Padmanabhan

Nagarkar’s long-necked grazing on the fields of literature, films, food and his gift for friendship

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Supporters of Bharatiya Janata Party dance as they celebrate the party's initial lead during counting for the Tripura Municipal Corporation elections, in Agartala.

PTI Photo

This photo shows aftermath of a looted street in Honiara's Chinatown, Solomon Islands. Violence receded in the capital of the Solomon Islands, but the government showed no signs of addressing the underlying grievances...

AP Photo/Piringi Charley

Vehicles move on a road as smog envelops the historical Badshahi mosque and the surrounding area of Lahore, Pakistan. People of Lahore and adjacent areas are suffering from respiratory problems because of poor air...

AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary

A resident walks past an old district in Beijing, China.

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Tobias Mueller of Germany falls while competing with Johannes Aujesky of Austria during the small final in men's ski cross during the FIS Ski Cross World Cup, a test event for the 2022 Winter Olympics, at the Genting...

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

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Roses Among Thorns: The Many Solidarities Of Diverse Protests

Every act of dissent is an art. Of pain and pathos. Of hope and new dawn. It’s their story. It’s everyone’s story.


Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Dissent is less about material gains than the intangibles they leave us with.

Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Manual Scavengers

An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest

For India’s manual scavengers, mere existence is a protest, because they need to fight just to reclaim their humanity and dignity.

Bezwada Wilson
An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest