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Aakar Patel

Trump's India Visit Will Be Historically Insignificant And Mere Entertainment For Many

Feb 23, 2020 Aakar Patel

The best thing that Modi can hope for in this visit is that he is able to mobilise Indians in America to vote Republican and try and help Trump return to power, writes author-columnist Aakar Patel.

'Make In India', PM Modi's Flagship Programme, Has Failed To Deliver And Numbers Show

Feb 16, 2020 Aakar Patel

In the same period as Make in India, Bangladesh’s share of manufacturing has risen from 16% to 18%. Bangladesh’s overall GDP is growing at 8% per year, much faster than India, writes author-columnist Aakar Patel.

What Supreme Court Chooses To Hear, What It Doesn't And Why

Do the Muslims of India think that they are receiving justice from their nation and particularly from the Supreme Court?

Budget Did Little For India Waiting To See Govt Shift Focus From Ideology To Economy

Feb 03, 2020 Aakar Patel

It appears to me that Narendra Modi's focus on trying whatever was possible to push the economy during his days as Gujarat CM has gone missing from the PM's outlook, writes Aakar Patel.

Absence Of Political Parties Has Lent Enormous Credibility To Anti-CAA Protests

The protests are largely leaderless but they are comprised of millions of determined individuals who are all standing up for the same thing.

19 January, 2020

Protests Against CAA First Sustained Mass Movement To Save Constitution

Aakar Patel

Many of the protestors are indeed Muslims, but they are not asking for anything more than what they already have.

12 January, 2020

As Govt Pushes Its Ideological Agenda, India Should Brace Itself For Rough And Brutal 2020

Aakar Patel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be willing to absorb some damage in India's international reputation to further the ideology, writes author-columnist Aakar Patel.

05 January, 2020

Following Crackdown On Anti-CAA Protests, World Is Looking At India With Distaste And Dismay

Aakar Patel

It's clear in the minds of Muslims that this government has been planning, for some time, to introduce a process which will weed them out of India, writes author-columnist Aakar Patel.

29 December, 2019

India Of 2019 Would Have Shocked Nehru And Gandhi. Not So Much Jinnah

Aakar Patel

We have learned no lessons from our history even when its teaching has been so clear and precise, writes author-columnist Aakar Patel.

22 December, 2019

Only Muslims Have To Prove Their Credentials For NRC, Others Exempt Under CAA

Aakar Patel

The Citizenship Amendment Act will jail Muslims who are accused of being foreigners and can't prove that they are Indians to the satisfaction of the BJP government.

15 December, 2019

Citizenship Law Is The Result Of BJP's Majoritarian Instinct But Has It Thought It Through?

Aakar Patel

India is in the middle of implementing an anti-immigration policy whose subtleties are not properly debated and therefore not fully understood by the majority of Indians and...a majority of parliamentarians.

08 December, 2019

'Encounter Specialist': A Rare Breed Of Policemen Whose Criminal Act Is Celebrated As Justice

Aakar Patel

Executing people without a trial is not justice. And it is harmful to the cause of justice.

01 December, 2019

Opinion: Look At Kashmir, NRC & Citizenship Bill. India's Majoritarianism As Deadly As Pakistan's

Aakar Patel

The damage caused by constitutional majoritarianism is dependent on the individual. A leader who is inclined to enforce the principle strongly will do more damage.

25 November, 2019

SPG Cover To Vulnerable Gandhis Needs To Be Reinstated

Aakar Patel

'If there is a vulnerable family anywhere in the world, it is the Gandhis.'

10 November, 2019

Ayodhya Verdict Invokes Doctrine Of Necessity; The Judicial Precedent May Have Repercussions

Aakar Patel

What the long term repercussions of the Ayodhya judgment are will unfold in time. But there will be repercussions of course.

03 November, 2019

6 Things To Know About WhatsApp Snooping Row

Aakar Patel

The Modi government did not deny that it had acquired the NSO platform and did not deny that it was spying on its citizens by hacking into their phones.

27 October, 2019

'Patriotism Is Last Refuge Of Scoundrel.' Just Look At United States And India

Aakar Patel

The facts have become unimportant and useless. What is important is the constant shouting of patriotism and the abusing of rivals as traitors, even as it undermines the interests of the people.

21 October, 2019

Why Pakistan Continues To Struggle To Get Its Name Off Grey List

Aakar Patel

The FATF had wanted Pakistan to continue 'demonstrating that authorities are identifying cash couriers and enforcing controls on illicit movement of currency and understanding the risk of cash couriers being used for terror financing.'

Photo Gallery

Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) spokesperson Rakesh Tikait at Ghazipur border after a bill to cancel the three contentious farm laws was passed during the Winter Session of the Parliament, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Kamal Kishore

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar during the Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi.

PTI Photo/Kamal Singh

India's captain Ajinkya Rahane speaks to on field umpires as after they stopped play at the end of the fifth day their first test cricket match with New Zealand in Kanpur.

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

New Zealand's Ajaz Patel is beaten by a delivery bowled by India's Ravindra Jadeja during the day five of their first test cricket match in Kanpur.

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

India's players celebrate the wicket of New Zealand's Tim Southee during the day five of their first test cricket match with New Zealand in Kanpur.

AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

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