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IPL 2020: Ruturaj Gaikwad Anchors Big Chennai Super Kings Win Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Highlights

Ruturaj Gaikwad's maiden fifty helps Chennai Super Kings upset in-from Royal Challengers Bangalore in Dubai

IPL 2020: Ruturaj Gaikwad Anchors Big Chennai Super Kings Win Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Highlights
Rituraj Gaikwad fifty helped Chennai Super Kings win against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. | BCCI
IPL 2020: Ruturaj Gaikwad Anchors Big Chennai Super Kings Win Vs Royal Challengers Bangalore - Highlights

Chennai Super Kings have finally displayed the much-needed intent, keeping themselves just mathematically alive with a comprehensive eight-wicket victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore on Sunday. (SCORECARD | POINTS TABLE | SCHEDULE & RESULTS) (FOllOW MI VS RR HERE)

Led by young Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK chased down a target of 146 in 18.4 overs to take their tally to eight points.

Gaikwad (65 not out off 51 balls) showed his potential with a maiden fifty. Gaikwad and veteran Ambati Rayudu (39 off 27 balls) added 67 runs in 8.2 overs for the second wicket to finish off a chase in style although it might have been too little too late.
 Man of the match Gaikwad came in for praise by MS Dhoni who said he liked that the youngster backed himself.

"Ruturaj batted well. He backed himself to play the shots he is known for. You have to enjoy the game no matter where you are on the table. If you are not enjoying the cricket, it can become cruel and painful. So I am glad with how the youngsters have responded," CSK skipper said.

Man of the Match Gaikwad said,"It feels good. More importantly winning the game for the team. And being not out in the end. It was tough for me going into quarantine for more days than the rest of the team because of Covid. I got support from everybody.

Kohli's RCB remain on 14, while CSK move to 8 points.
 "What you saw in the second innings wasn't a true reflection of how difficult the pitch was. We didn't hit the areas. Too many boundary balls," says Virat Kohli after the loss.

6:53PM IST:  "What you saw in the second innings wasn't a true reflection of how difficult the pitch was. We didn't hit the areas. Too many boundary balls," says Virat Kohli after the loss.

6:44 PM IST:  18.4 CSK secure 8 wicket win, Rururaj Gaikwad Hits SIX of Morris to complete an easy win; CSK 150/2 (18.4 ) Gaikwad 65, Dhoni 19, Rayudu 39, Morris 1/36)

6:41 PM IST:  18 overs gone Chennai need 6 runs of 12 balls, CSK140/2 (18) Gaikwad 55, Dhoni 19)

6:36PM IST: 17.1 overs SIX !!! Dhoni carts Saini for maximum over mid-off, CSK need 6 in 15; CSK140/2 (17.3) Gaikwad 55, Dhoni 19)

6:32 PM IST: 16 overs gone; CSK need 15 in 24; 132/2 (16) Gaikwad 53, Dhoni 13)

6:27 PM IST: 14.5, 14.6 2 FOURS@ MS Dhoni as Chennai gets closer to the target Need 19 of 28 balls

6:22 PM IST: FIFTY for Gaikwad steals a single driving the ball to long-off. CSK 116/2 (14) Need 30 in 36 balls

6:18 PM IST:  13.3 Overs WICKET!!! RCB get the breathrough, Chahal gets Rayudu, Misses the line as legbreak crashes on to stumps CSK need 33 of 39 balls; Gaikwad 1 away from Fifty ; SK 113/2 (13.3) Gaikwad 49;

Rayudu b Chahal 39,

 6:10 PM IST:  13 overs gone; Sundar gives away 5 runs, CSK need 37 of 44 balls

CSK 111/1 (13) Rayudu 38, Gaikwad 48; TIME OUT!!!

6:10 PM IST: 11.6 SIX!!! Rayudu gets into act CSK raise 100 onboard; need 41 of 48 balls

CSK 105/1 (12) Rayudu 36, Gaikwad 44

6:08 PM IST: 11.2 Gaikwad FOUR!!! of Siraj, Half-Volley dispatched through mid-off; Gaikwad races to 44; A fifty on cards

6:04 PM IST: 11 Overs gone; A FOUR!! by Rayudu of Sundar gives CSK 9 runs

CSK 91/1 Gaikwad 39, Rayudu 27

6:00 PM IST: 9.5 FOUR!!!! Rayudu Again, Nitin Saini gives away 11; 

CSK 82/1 (10) Rayudu 20, Gaikwad 37; Need 59 of 58 balls

5: 59 PM IST: 9.3 SIX!!!!! Rayudu slashes Nitin Saini for a six, 144kmph outside off Rayudu cuts it for Maximum

5:55 PM IST: 8.1 SIX!!!!!! Gaikwad hits  Ali for maximum over long-off; 8.4 FOUR!!!! Thick edge this time Rayudu manages to find boundary; 9 Overs gone  CSK 71/1 Rayudu 9, Gaikwad 37


5:52 PM IST: 7.4 Gaikwad is looking in a fine touch sweeps Chahal for a FOUR through midwicket; 8 Overs Gone 6 runs from it;

CSK 59/1 Rayudu 4, Gaikwad 30

5:48 PM IST: 7 overs gone Moeen Ali gives 5 runs, CSK are 53/1

5:45 PM IST:  6 overs Gone CSK get 48  for loss of wicket; Morris gives away 2 runs in his second over of the innings picking up all-imp wicket of Faf;

CSK 48/1 (6) Rayudu 1, Gaikwad 23 

5:40 PM IST: WICKET!!! Morris gets the breakthrough, Faf du Plessis gone; Faf looks to go over covers, Siraj takes an easy catch

Faf c Siraj b Morris 25, CSK 46/1 (5.1)

5:39 PM IST:  Chahal into attack; 5 Overs gone; A top edge of Gaikwad and two mis fields later ends up giving 6 runs; CSK 46/0 (5) Faf 25, Gaikwad 21

5:34 PM IST: 3.4 Faf makes it worse for Siraj FOUR!!!!; 3.5 SIX!!!!!!! Faf picks slow bouncer and top edge sails over short fine leg; CSK 40/0 (4) Faf 23, Gaikwad 17; Chahal into attack

5:31 PM IST:  3.2 FOUR!!! Siraj into attack, Gaikwad steps out and drives it over the cover

5:28 PM IST: 2.2 SIX !!! Gaikwad gets into act hammers Sundar's for maximum over mid-off; Sundar gives away 11 runs, CSK 25/0 (3) Plessis 13, Gaikwad 12

5:27PM IST: SIX!!!! Plessis finishes with a maximum; 2nd Over gone, CSK 14/0 Gaikwad 3, Plessis 11

5:25 PM IST: 1.5 FOUR!!! first for CSK, Plessis guides this to short fine leg

 5:21 PM IST: 1st Over gone Sundar starts well; Gives away just one CSK 1/0 (1)

5:16 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings start the chase of 146; Ruturaj Gaikwad to start with Faf du Plessis; Washington Sundar to start for RCB

5:02 PM IST: End of innings; CSK will be happy to have pulled things back; At one point AB and Kohli were looking dangerous;

RCB: 145/6 (20)  Kohli 50, Curran 3/19

5:00 PM IST: Chahar gets Morris. WICKET!!!!! RCB are now six down, Yorker finds it mark

RCB 139/6 (19.3) Morris b Chahar 2

4:57 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Curran gets another one; Kohli gone just after reaching his fifty.

Slower bowl caught at Long-off by Faf du Plessis RCB 138/5 (19)

Kohli c du Plessis b Curran 50 (43b)

4:55 PM IST: FIFTY!!! For Kohli; excellent innings and keeping innings together, His 39th fifty;  RCB 137/4 

4:52 PM IST: WICKET!!! Moeen Ali out, Curran gets the wicket,taken at long-off by Mitchell Santner; RCB 132/4  Kohli 48; Moeen c Santner b Curran 1 (18.2)

4:51 PM IST: 18 Overs gone, Chahar gives way 7 runs and picks up a wicket; RCB: 132/3

4:48 PM IST: WICKET !!!! Chahar gets the breakthrough; AB de Villers gone; 

Villers c Plessis b Chahar 39 (36b, 4x4) RCB 128/3 (17.3 overs

4:45 PM IST: 17 overs gone, Jadeja gives away 11 runs, RCB are 125/2 Kohli 42, AB 39;

4:43 PM IST: 16.3  SIX!!! Kohli is getting a move on, Jadeja gives no room by Kohli swings it straight over bowlers head  

4:39 PM IST: 16th over; FOUR of the Last ball  Monu Kumar bowling to AB, Kohli, manages to keep  his nerves; Both RCB batsmen are looking to unleash; Monu gives away 13 considering the situation; RCB: 104/2 (16) Kohli 33, AB 37

TIME OUT!!!!!!!

4:33 PM IST: 15 gone; 100 up for RCB; Jadeja bowls another decent over gives way 4 runs

RCB 101/2 (15) Kohli 30, AB 29

4:28 PM IST: 13.2 Imran Tahir to AB, launches it over long-off for a FOUR; 13.6 FOUR!!! Kohli this time as Tahir goes for 11;

RCB 97/2 (14) Kohli 28, AB 27

4:24 PM IST:  12 overs gone, Imran Tahir gives way 6 runs. Tahir has gone for just 19 of his three overs; RCB 81/2 AB 18, Kohli 21

4:20 PM IST: 11 gone; Santner finishes with one wicket for 23 runs, a good spell 4-0-23-1; RCB 75/2 (11) Kohli 17, AB 16;

4:18 PM IST: 10 Overs: 9.6 Imran Tahir concedes FOUR of the last ball as RCB start to build their innings; RCB 72/2 (10) Kohli 15, AB 15

4:12 PM IST: Time out; 9 overs gone; Santner gives way 8 runs;  RCB 63/2 (Kohli 11(12b), Villers 10 (10b, 1x4);

4:10 PM IST: 8 overs gone; A decent one from ImranTahir gives away just 4 runs;

RCB 55/2 (8) Kohli 9, Villers 4;

4:02PM IST: 6.1 Mitchell Santner gets Padikkal at long-on, Faf du Plessis catched and relays it to Gaikwad  who completes the catch; AB de Villers is the new man in

Padikkal c Gaikwad b Santner 22 (21b); RCB 46/2 (6.1)

4:01 PM IST:  5.4 FOUR!!! Padikkal whips Curran over sqaure leg;  End OF POWERPLAY;  RCB 45/1 (6); KOhli 4 (5b), Padikkal 22 (20b);

3: 57 PM IST: 5 overs gone; Micthell Santner goes for 7 runs; Paddikal hits a FOUR of second ball;

RCB 38/1 (5) Kohli 2, Padikkal 16

3: 50 PM IST: WICKET!!!! Sam Curran into the attack provides the first breakthrough for CSK; FINCH gone of the last ball of the  4th overs; Bangalore: 31/1 (4) Finch c Gaikwad b Curran 15, Padikkal 11no;

3:46 PM IST: 8 runs of 3rd over bowled by Chahar; RCB reach 26/0 (3); Finch 13, Padikkal 9

3:43 PM IST: 2.2 SIX!!! Padikkal picks up a length ball; Cuts it to over point for Maximum

3:42 PM IST: Debutant Monu Kumar comes into attack for Chennai was shaping up to be a decen one, until Finch manages a FOUR of the last ball ;

RCB 18/0 (2), Finch 12, Padikkal 2

3:36 PM IST: 0.5 FOUR MS Dhoni comes up to stumps to stop Finch from coming down the track; Chahar pitches up driven over mid-off

0.6: FOUR Finch picks short midwicket; RCB 11/0 (1);

3:23 PM IST: Aaron Finch and Devdutt Padikkal come out to bat; CSK take to the field lead by MS Dhoni; Deepak Chahar to start the proceedings for Chennai

3:15 PM IST: Here are the teams: RCB: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Moeen Ali, Gurkeerat Singh, Chris Morris, Washington Sundar, Nitin Saini, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Siraj;
Chennai Super Kings: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Faf du Plessis, Ambati Rayudu, Narayan Jagadeesan, MS Dhoni (wk) (c), Ravindra Jadeja, Sam Curran, Mitchell Santner, Deepak Chahar, Imran Tahir, Monu Kumar

3:10 PM IST: Monu Kumar of Jharkhand makes his debut today, An all-rounder, he has played domestic circuit with 10 List A and 20 T20s under his belt

3:00 PM IST: RCB win the Toss and chose to bat; Moeen Ali replaces Isuru Udana; Kohli feels the pitch will get slow hence the change;

CSK make two changes:  Mitchell Santner in for Shardul Thakur, Monu Kumar, debutant, replaces Josh Jazlewood


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